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Joinery is our passion. Listening to the needs of our customers and following the latest technological solutions, we are able to present to you a window offer,that will meet your expectations. Our products are the best quality windows, using the latest thermal insulation solutions. The durability and aesthetics of workmanship distinguish AdamS windows from other products available on the market. A wide range of prices allows you to buy your dream window that fits into the plan of your building.

Energy efficiency is a priority in the context of home use. Therefore, to meet the needs of our customers, we have designed an innovative line of windows that focus primarily on high thermal insulation. PASSIV-LINE to is an original line of windows focused on on minimizing heat loss.Advanced technologies that improve tightness are combined here with the elegance and style of the structure. PASSIV-LINE windows for their energy-saving qualities are appreciated and recommended by architects and experts from the joinery industry, as evidenced by numerous prestigious awards granted to our PASSIV-LINE windows.

Investing in windows we expect from the product not only functionality but also durability. The PREMIUM-LINE line combines these two aspects in a perfect composition. High thermal insulation parameters go hand in hand with exceptional durability. The modern aesthetics of windows is another advantage of the PREMIUM-LINE.

Investment construction requires cost-effective solutions that will be of high quality. The COMFORT-LINE line is a solution that ensures high durability and functionality at a competitive price by combining the precision of workmanship and the sensational energy-saving properties. COMFORT-LINE is an economical alternative to competitive windows.

Large glazings give the interior spaciousness and a certain lightness to the building. Natural light streaming into your rooms through large patio doors brings your structure closer to the landscape. The latest technologies applied in our doors allow you to enjoy the functionality of a terrace or balcony while appreciating the comfort and reliability of systems that enable you to operate the doors freely.

Doors are not only the showcase of our home. We use them daily as we greet and say goodbye to our home. Doors are a barrier, not only to the cold but also to uninvited guests. Our doors combine usability with security in a unique form.

Solidity and elegance are synonymous with our PVC door. A wide range of colours and patterns allows you to choose the door customized to individual needs. Excellent technical parameters make PVC door a safe investment for many years.

When thinking about doors in terms of airtightness, water resistance, and acoustic insulation, aluminium structures will do just fine. They are manufactured using various shaped milling techniques, decorative applications and the possibility of inserting glazed glass to meet Your needs.

Durability and resistance are the domain of our aluminium products. The solutions we use in the aluminium joinery of our windows, doors and facades make that they will serve you for many years. Our products operate within recognized systems, allowing you to select the required product for your specific application.

Drzwi przesuwne Schuco

Drzwi przesuwne i składano-przesuwne z aluminium to klucz do otwarcia się na przestrzeń. Ogród zimowy płynnie przechodzi w prawdziwy ogród, a taras lub balkon stanowią przedłużenie przestrzeni mieszkalnej. Dzięki wyjątkowej stabilności jaką cechują się produkty Schuco możliwe jest projektowanie i stworzenie konstrukcji o wąskich profilach i wielkich przeszklonych powierzchniach, zapewniających tym samym maksymalny dostęp światła naturalnego.

Systemy drzwiowe Schuco

Drzwi wejściowe bronią dostępu do wnętrza budynku i są jego wizytówką, dlatego warto nadać im indywidualny charakter. Systemy drzwiowe wyznaczają aktualne trendy w zakresie izolacyjności cieplnej i bezpieczeństwa. Szeroki zakres wyposażenia i akcesoriów stanowi dodatkową gwarancję spełnienia zróżnicowanych oczekiwań w zakresie komfortu.

Systemy okienne Schuco

Okna Schüco są nie tylko synonimem nowoczesności i funkcjonalności, lecz także podwyższonego komfortu i estetyki. Warto się przyjrzeć również naszej szerokiej palecie okuć i klamek. Bogactwo dostępnych kolorów może dostarczyć ciekawych inspiracji. Skuteczna izolacyjność cieplna pozwala uzyskać znaczne oszczędności. Dzięki zastosowaniu najnowocześniejszej technologii okna Schüco pozwalają obniżyć zużycie energii nawet o 80%.

To provide the highest quality products, we do not forget about the accessories that are often necessary to enjoy the full possibilities of your windows. Functional accessories can be easily adapted to Your increased requirements.

Our range of handles is a diverse mix of top-quality window and door handles. You will find here anti-burglary models as well as elegant aluminium 4-position handles. All accessories are available in different variations and colours.

Installed fittings significantly affect the comfort of the use of the window. W zależności od zamontowanego modelu, możemy regulować nie tylko poziom cyrkulacji powietrza, lecz również solidnie zabezpieczyć przed intruzami.

The air inlets are an excellent solution to facilitate the maintenance of the appropriate humidity. Balanced ventilation is a key to the balance between energy savings and the comfort and hygiene of Your home.

By installing the SWISSPACER Warm Edge you can be sure that weaker points in the window insulation will be effectively eliminated. This additional barrier will reduce heating costs.

Glass is a crucial element of any glazing. It is the type of glazing that determines the energy-saving, acoustic, solar control and safety properties. A conscious choice of glass is a guarantee of satisfaction with your windows, patio doors or utility glazing of Your room.