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Passiv-Line Ultra

The warmest certified passive window is designed for passive and low-energy construction. Thanks to modern technologies, the windows have excellent thermal insulation parameters and are characterized by above-average air and water tightness, being a kind of shield that protects us against unfavorable external conditions. The Passiv-line Ultra window can significantly reduce the demand for primary energy, which significantly improves the energy balance of the building.

This system uses a technical solution consisting of:

  • in the profiles, instead of reinforcements, thermoplastic inserts reinforced with glass fiber made of the material called Ultradur High Speed by BASF, Thanks to this, the parameter for the assembly of the frame and the sash was obtained, which is absolutely required for passive structures.
  • Standard equipped with a triple-glazed unit, two-chamber unit with Ug = 0.5 (W / m2K) with a glued-in pane and the ECLAZ glasses, thanks to which 10% more Lt light and solar energy is transmitted to the room,
  • use of a warm SWISSPACER ULTIMATE EDGE recognized by the Institute in Darmstadt as necessary to meet the requirements for passive windows, significantly reducing the thermal bridge at the interface between the frame and window.
  • High tightness, which is another condition that must be demonstrated by the window structure in order to obtain the status of a passive window, the obtained result is: tightness Q100 = 0,06 m3/(hm).
  • this window meets the requirements checked for windows for construction in 2021.

The AdamS company was the first company in Poland to obtain a certificate confirming the production of Passiv Line Ultra windows from certified components intended for passive construction, tested by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. The certificate was issued by the Polish Passive Building and Renewable Energy Institute Günter Schlagowski

Benefits of using this product:

  • Energy efficiency - meaning a significant reduction in heating costs as the windows let more energy in than out
  • Definitely better thermal insulation,
  • Minimizing the loss at the window tightness level due to the practically no air exchange with the window closed
  • Elimination of thermal bridges, even at the level of the frame and its contact with the glass
  • better acoustic insulation thanks to glued glass and a triple set of gaskets.
Intelligent system solutions are becoming a reality. Lightweight construction elements without steel reinforcements inside profiles, which at the same time significantly reduce energy losses in buildings, are the new arguments and benefits offered by Passiv Line Ultra. The proposed concept is a new direction in thinking about energy efficiency, as it eliminates the use of steel reinforcements previously used in profiles, which caused their thermal deterioration.
4/18Argon/4/18Argon/4TM 48mm
Ug=0, 5W/m²K; g=50%; Lt=70%
  • handle at mid-height
    • Anti-pry latches/ 1 sash - up to 4
    • all rollers in casements: KoPiBo mushroom, rotating and self-adjusting
  • RU casement fitted with a finger lift in the bottom corner, integrated with an incorrect handle position lock
  • RU casements: microventilation
  • anti-draught deadbolt in the U function in the RU casement
  • the RU casement fitted with air latches supported while switching from partial opening to closed position
  • the bottom fitting groove filled with packing