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Our range of handles is a diverse mix of top-quality window and door handles. You will find here anti-burglary models as well as elegant aluminium 4-position handles. All accessories are available in different variations and colours.

Installed fittings significantly affect the comfort of the use of the window. W zależności od zamontowanego modelu, możemy regulować nie tylko poziom cyrkulacji powietrza, lecz również solidnie zabezpieczyć przed intruzami.

The air inlets are an excellent solution to facilitate the maintenance of the appropriate humidity. Balanced ventilation is a key to the balance between energy savings and the comfort and hygiene of Your home.

By installing the SWISSPACER Warm Edge you can be sure that weaker points in the window insulation will be effectively eliminated. This additional barrier will reduce heating costs.

To provide the highest quality products, we do not forget about the accessories that are often necessary to enjoy the full possibilities of your windows. Functional accessories can be easily adapted to Your increased requirements.