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Passiv-Line S

Passiv-line S windows - a multifunctional window for the 21st century. The window is intended for use in residential and public buildings, where it is required to achieve above-average results in terms of reducing heat energy consumption, reducing CO2 emissions with a simultaneous and high level of rooms protection against noise, and the highest level of property protection achievable for PVC-U structures. An outstanding level of such features as heat transfer, air permeability, acoustic insulation and burglary resistance, combined with the highest achievable levels of durability and mechanical strength, make Passiv-line S windows unlimitedly applicable in urban areas, located in any climate zone and any wind load zone, regardless of the terrain category.

The special features of Passiv-line S windows are as follows:

  • Heat transfer for the reference window Uw = 0,78 W/(m2*K)
  • Acoustic insulation for the reference window Rw = 45(-2;-5) dB ; RA1 43 dB ; RA2 40 dB
  • Burglary resistance for the reference window: class RC2(optional)


  • Estimated reduction of CO2 emissions for the reference window in a coal-heated building – 70,3 kg/m2
  • Estimated reduction of CO2 emissions for the reference window in a building heated with natural gas - 56,6 kg/m2
  • Mechanical resistance of racking - class 4 - (weight of the glazed leaf opened to the angle of 90° + 800 N)

Advantages of the Passiv-line S product:

  • greater stability of windows thanks to the stiffening interaction of the glass;
  • better protection against burglary - no possibility to push the glass out of the sash, thanks to the perimeter gap with glue and thanks to the anti-burglary glass in P4 class and the safety fittings package;
  • better acoustic insulation thanks to the glued glass pane and diversified construction of the special glass package and a triple set of gaskets;
  • energy-saving - energy-modified window profiles - a significant reduction in heating costs;
  • significantly better thermal insulation;
  • significantly better thermal insulation;; (option to order)
  • such a solution relates directly to the EU recommendations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere (this window directly contributes to reducing thermal energy consumption).
The Passiv-line S window is a new and innovative product. The highest level of protection against heat loss and noise with the highest class of burglary resistance achievable for PVC-U windows means that there are no window structures of similar utility among the available windows and balcony doors. Thanks to the unique accumulation of these features, the Passiv-line S window, on the one hand, protects its users against the harmful effects of noise and unauthorised intrusion attempts. At the same time, the Passiv-line S window brings them tangible financial benefits in the form of reduced consumption of heating materials, and on the other hand, effectively contributes to the ongoing fight against smog by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, in particular CO2.

The product innovation is based on a technical solution involving the use of a special glazing package with glued-in glass with a warm frame with improved acoustic insulation properties and Ug=0.6 (W/m2K) and energy-modified window profiles (some chambers filled with polyurethane foam) with three gaskets and RC2 hardware. Introduced to the AdamS Company's range in January 2017, Passiv-Line S windows have a revolutionary sound insulation coefficient for a reference window ≥ Rw 45), while the thermal insulation coefficient of 0.78 W/(m2*K more than meets the technical requirements for Uw, which will come into force in 2021.


The Passiv-line S multi-functional window effectively protects houses and flats against noise and burglary. It brings tangible financial benefits to users resulting from the reduction of heat energy consumption for heating purposes. It reduces the emission of carbon dioxide and dust into the atmosphere, actively and effectively fighting smog. It is a window that meets the current needs of investors and the challenges facing the construction industry. Passiv-line S stands for silence, safety and clean air. Pure profit for everyone.