designed especially for the most demanding customers

high thermal insulating power at an affordable price,

better acoustic insulation ensured by a set of gaskets,

a perfect solution for energy-efficient and passive houses.

  • a heat transfer coefficient Uw for the reference window of Uw=0,7 (W/m2K),
  • innovativeness of this product consists in applying polyurethane foam and styrofoam blocks in profile chambers,
  • the modern unconventionality also lies in the insert (made of PES tape) that insulates sealed glazing units.
  • embedding depth: 85mm,
  • chambers filled with polyurethane foam,
  • styrofoam blocks used in reinforcements,
  • a triple set of gaskets improves thermal properties and acoustic insulation,
  • available in different colours of wood-like veneers,
  • white profiles have grey gaskets, veneered ones have black gaskets.
  • energy-efficient triple-pane system, Ug =0,5W/m2K,
  • inserts insulating sealed glazing units (made of PES tape),
  • warm edges to significantly reduce condensation.
  • safe fittings to protect casements from being broken down by an intruder,
  • handle locks to protect casements from being manipulated (position),
  • casement lifts for easy closing,
  • microventilation – windows can be trickle ventilated on chilly days without leaving the interiors excessively cold.
  • under-sill trims with a polyethylene foam band to prevent wind gust between the window and the sill (the window/sill joint doesn't need siliconisation),
  • packing in the bottom part of the frame to prevent dirt accumulation.
  • the so-called “hot installation” is recommended.


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