PASSIV-LINE is a special line of windows created by AdamS for energy-efficient and passive houses. Owing to the perfect energy efficiency and structure of PASSIV-LINE windows, AdamS can be considered the leader in quality and innovation in the sector of construction joinery.

The highly modern properties of PASSIV-LINE windows make them the subject of recommendations from many specialists and a product widely-used in many architect designs.

In a typical house, even as much as 25-30% of heat can escape through the windows. It is such a big loss that we should ask ourselves if – in the times of drastically increasing prices of energy – it is really worth to spend more and more on heating. The PASSIV-LINE energy-efficient windows are a perfect solution to this problem.

What are the PASSIV-LINE “hot windows”?
  • the windows designed especially for the most demanding customers and adapted for the Polish climate,
  • the windows with the best and confirmed technical parameters, particularly of thermal insulation,
  • the windows whose costs are paid back over a short period of time,
  • the windows that are perfect for energy-efficient and passive houses,
  • the windows manufactured by AdamS from Mrągowo, one of the most experienced and technically advanced window producers in Poland.

Why the PASSIV-LINE windows?

  • we care about your comfort,
  • quality lies in the details,
  • a wealth of possibilities,
  • innovative designs,
  • unusual stability,
  • the right choice,
  • safety and comfort,
  • money saving,
  • durability and quality,
  • uniqueness,
  • advanced solutions of energy efficiency,
  • combination of innovation and functionality.


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