Our mission is delivering top-quality construction joinery, ensuring a dynamic technological development and a diversification of our products and services offer in order to meet the individual expectations of all our customers.

Being active – our principle is to talk with our customers about their needs. We are active and we value any opinions and pieces of advice very highly. We are open to all sorts of arguments. We are good listeners and in our daily business, for the sake of the future cooperation and the goals that are being jointly accomplished, we always seek mutual understanding.

Consulting – our aim is to provide our customers with counselling when they are choosing an offer option. We are continually improving the company's culture oriented towards innovation, creativity and solution search. Having at hand an asset consisting in committed employees, we believe that there are no challenges that could outgrow us. Customer satisfaction is of crucial importance to us.

Ambition – we treat every single order with ambition and an individual approach, adjusting our capacities to each client's needs. We try to predict and satisfy their requirements. We are constantly in the process of self-development, investing in our technological potential and upgrading the qualifications of all our employees.

Our brand – we aim to make AdamS regarded as a synonym of top-quality construction joinery, both in the domestic and foreign market.

Quickness – our principle is a quick response, swift pricing, fast execution and short times of product delivery. We are well aware that the future flawless functioning of our customer's system – and often even their image – depend on our reaction. Therefore, the principles of mobility and quick response are fundamental to us.


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